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Farm Info

At White Star Farms, we are dedicated to breeding and training the Paso Fino to bring out their best characteristics and abilities. Special attention is paid to breeding for a well defined smooth four beat gait accompanied by a personality which is a pleasure to handle both on the ground and in the saddle.

Historically, colors in the Paso Fino horse, especially the light colored horses and the pintos, were not acceptable in the show ring . After the introduction of the Paso Fino into the United States color became not only acceptable but desired and it is now recognized that a fine Paso Fino can be any color.

We, at White Star Farms, are making a concerted effort in our breeding program to acquire the best pintos we can and breed them to exceptionally well gaited and well mannered stallions from the better foundation bloodlines with the goal of producing truly fine Paso Fino horses that cross the spectrum of what the public desires—pleasure, performance and trail.

White Star Farms is now 15 acres, up from our original 5 acre farm. We have landscaped and modified the additional 10 acres for trail riding and enjoying our horses. We have manufactured hills and gullies, mazes of tree covered trails and a beautiful pond and waterfall to sit around and enjoy when we are off of the horses.

(NO large event rental at this time)

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